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BEND,OREGON-Spring Fertilizers and Weed Control

Bend, Oregon- In just a few short months Central Oregon will once more come alive with the emergence of spring as mountain goers enjoy blue bird days on Bachelor, fishermen make their way to Mecca Flats to imitate the Salmon flies that crowd the waters of the Lower Deschutes in a wondrous display of the life cycle, and your landscape shakes off Winter with fresh buds on plants and turf begins to turn green.

Early Spring (March/April) is an all important phase in the life and health of your lawn, and for those who have struggled with invasive Crabgrass and clover in the past, this is especially true. Crabgrass begins its process of germination when soils near the 50 degree mark. Each year varies, of course, yet March generally seems to be an ideal time to broadcast a granular pre-emergent herbicide over your lawn to combat the problem before it becomes the bane of your existence. Pre-emergent herbicides are effective against a variety of lawn weeds including dandelions, clover and crabgrass. your lawn may require more than one application throughout the early part of the season and can often be combined with a Spring fertilizer.

Spring is a great time to fertilize as well, commonly followed by two additional applications throughout the growing season. The mistake a great many homeowners and some landscape professionals make, however, is fertilizing too soon. This not only limits the efficacy of the fertilizer, but can actually do damage to the long term health of the turf. Early spring ought to allow grass to establish and grow roots, while fertilizing too early diverts energy away from the roots and toward growing the leaf/blade. Late Spring (May) is a more appropriate time for a Spring fertilizer in order to get the most out of it.

Yak Landscape Maintenance, LLC is well equipped and eager to get a jump on the season and get your landscape looking its best. Give us a call at 541-678-2920, or visit our website at

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